Cardiff Outdoor Activities - Open Water Safety

It goes without saying that with any ‘extreme' sport, health and safety is a huge priority,

This is particularly true with diving the major organisations that train SCUBA divers are the Professional Association of Diving Instructors and they award the full PADI certification. The other is the British Sub Aqua Club, BSAC. When qualified the sport has some fantastic thrills and leads to superb locations. On top of that there is camaraderie the often leads to friends for life.

Cardiff Outdoor Activities - Water venues

Cardiff being a major port on the Bristol Channel is not surprisingly blessed with stretches of water to enjoy as sporting venues.

Cardiff Bay, a 2 square kilometre freshwater lake formed by the construction of the Cardiff Barrage. Access to the Bristol Channel is via 3 locks.  See major sailing events like the Extreme 40’s catamaran series, regattas at both the sailing clubs Cardiff Bay Yacht Club and Cardiff Yacht Club as well as CBWAC. (See sailing tab)

 The river Taff and the river Ely flow into the bay, great opportunities for fishing at designated locations.

 Bristol Channel, numerous boat trips for fishing or take a high speed rib out into the Channel.

Just round the corner is Penarth with its pier or visit the island of Steepholm and Flatholm.

 Fishing is well catered for with carp fishing available at Lamby Lakes and Cefn Mably Lakes.